How Blackjack Strategies Can Help You Win

If you are going to play blackjack, then it is always best to have some consistency about your game. Many experienced players do this by developing their own blackjack strategy that they will refine over time as they play more and experience all of the different situations that blackjack throws at you as a player. Players like to have strategies for all games they play, whether it is fruitautomaten, Roulette or Blackjack.

Many players just like to follow ‘basic’ blackjack strategy, which has been devised through mathematical probability through all the different scenarios that each player combination versus the dealers cards presents. You can find this strategy online quite easily, and some casinos even give out cards with the basic strategy on so that players can use them at the tables if they like.


But a lot of proficient players like to create their own strategies, that they feel work better for them. Some of them are based around basic strategy, while others are completely different. There is no one right strategy that will help you win every time. The odds are always still in the favour of the casino, no matter what strategy you use, but all effective strategies have been designed to bring the odds slightly back in your favour.

If you want to develop a blackjack strategy, then the best place to do this is to play online. All of the bigger online casinos sites have multiple blackjack games available, and these will include both the European and the American games. So you can always work out your strategy around the game that you prefer to play.

If you are not sure of the differences between the two main types of blackjack games, the American game deals two cards to the dealer on the initial deal, one of which is face up and the other is face down (called the ‘hole’ card). The European game, the dealer only receives one card on the initial deal, which is face up.